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U5 Films Presents, Two Nations.

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A young Tsigamogi Warrior finds a female runaway slave in a meadow. She is near death. Will he help her?

Two Nations is a unique story that history forgot.

Historical Fiction.

Two Nations is historical, action packed, and diverse.

Get Ready.

Two Nations takes you on an emotional journey that will make you cry, laugh, cheer, and sit on the edge of your  seat anxious to witness what happens next.

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About Ruby Lee's Creations.

U5 Films' Upcoming Movies.

U5 Films turns legends into epic feature films such as Two Nations.


Ruby Lee Thigpen Whitehurst, 

Author/Producer/Screenwriter/Casting Director/Script Advisor/Fundraiser.

Two Nations The Legend.

Two Nations is inspired by Loves Soft Voice, a story based on family legend by Ruby Lee Thigpen Whitehurst.

The book started as a 3 page short story,  over 25 years ago as a college assignment.

Honoring My Ancestors.

The great storytellers in my family often shared amazing stories especially my maternal grandmother, Virginia Caroline Boston and her siblings, my great aunts and uncles. They grew up during a time when families shared family time together. Often, they gathered around a nice warm fire and listened as the Old Ones shared legends and ghost stories, on cold, dark, winter nights.

Photo: standing left to right, uncle Fred,  aunt Mattie, uncle Ralph, aunt Virgie, uncle Lenon. 

Bottom: left, grandma Virginia Caroline, right, uncle Herley. Those two were bedridden. 

Future Feature Film

Coming In 2019.

Chilling Adventures At Camp Flowing Water.

When a group of teenage friends attend summer camp at Flowing Water, they experience the unexpected paranormal adventure of a lifetime. 

Future Television Series

Pine Tree Legends

Ghost stories by eyewitness accounts according to folks born and raised in the backwoods of Ruby's ancestral community. Seeing is believing?


Our Mission.

Two Nations mission is creating employment for folks in our communities that will increase their skills such as people skills, multi tasking, following instructions, creativity, team work, acting skills, making props, public relations, priority  skills, meeting deadlines, plus Two Nations will create cultural awareness and shed light on the positive relationships between Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island, African captives, and White settlers.  Two Nations will also open doors and hopefully encourage people to research their roots and family history. And lastly, since Two Nations has a diverse cast it will help the audience, cast, and crew learn, appreciate, and respect the customs and traditions of others.

Our Grassroots Film.

Our Independent Grassroots Film.

Our grassroots production is seeking your support. Please, like, comment, visit our page, share, and donate at the info provided at the end of this post. Thank you!

Coming from the heart of author, producer, and screenwriter, Ruby Lee Thigpen-Whitehurst, is the "Official Concept Trailer" for her grassroots feature film production, "Two Nations," Directed by  Mark E. Ridley.

Featuring Hollywood's legendary Saginaw Grant, known for "The Lone Ranger," with Johnny Depp, and "The World's Fastest Indian," with Anthony Hopkins.

Two Nations is more than a love story. Filled with action, spirituality, ancestral guidance, 'magic,' tragedy, and love, it reveals many untold truths about our nations history between enslaved Africans and Native Americans.

Donate today and help us bring this trailer -- the beginnings of an amazing story, vision, and truth -- to reality, by sending your donation through the following Paypal link today at:

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Indigenous Native Nations Represented in Two Nations:





Northern Cheyenne 

Occoneechee Saponi 








Nakoda (Red Bottom Clan) Dakota Mono 

Seneca/Mohawk Haudenosaunee 




Freedman Choctaw

Tlingit Yupik/Masingka

Anishinabe (Ojibwa)


Tuscarora of Cape Fear




Cree/ Woodlands & Plains

Absentee Cheyenne


Taos Pueblo - Tiwa


Shoshone/ Tsalagi


Halawia Saponi

Poster design, creation, and credit by our one and only Virgil Apostol!!!

Ruby Lee, Mark Ridley, Riki Yvette Westmoreland, Saginaw Grant, Lonnie Cruel, James Johnson, Denise Lyles-Cook, Jasmine Delaney, Robert Redfeather.


The independent grasssroots feature film, "Two Nations," by Ruby Lee Thigpen-Whitehurst and directed by Mark Ridley continues to gain momentum to the big screen.

As Associate Producer of this wonderful project, we are thrilled to announce that international legend and professional entertainer, Milton Bullock, former member of the world renowned music group "The Platters," has enthusiastically joined our team as Co-Executive Producer.

Most of us know of many of the great classic hits by The Platters such as "The Great Pretender," and "Only You." Milton Bullock, also known as "The Golden Platter," continues to serenade audiences today keeping these timeless classics alive.

Milton is also an actor and youth activist. He has appeared in movies such as, "Home Alone," "Roller Coaster," "Lost in New York City," "Angel Street," and more. He's also the founder of "Do It for the Children Initiatives, Inc." where he's committed to America's and the world's at-risk youth.

To the world, Milton Bullock is known as The Golden Platter, and to those who meet him, he is warmly addressed as, "Uncle Milton." He brings so much to the project for Two Nations. He brings with him his talent, visibility, voice, time, experience, love, faith, passion, persistence, and more.

Uncle Milton, we, Ruby, the cast, crew, and production team of Two Nations take this moment to humbly and gratefully welcome you to the team. Your presence is both a blessing and honor while we all work together to bring this incredible vision to life!

Riki Yvette Westmoreland, Associate Producer

Two Nations Grassroots Feature Production

Screenwriter/Producer, Ruby Lee Thigpen-Whitehurst / Associate Producer, Riki Yvette Westmoreland / Executive Producer, Mark Ridley / Co-Exectutive Producer, Milton Bullock / Assistant Executive Producer, Robert Redfeather

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Two Nations Teaser Trailer.

Filmed, October 28, 2017.

Two Nations Introduction.

By David Red Arrow Tscherny. 

Music by Mac Lopez.


Two Nations Production Team.

Lyrics by Ruby Lee Thigpen Whitehurst.

Vocals by Erin Simms.

Music by Terry Silverlight.

Loves' Soft Voice

Lyrics by Ruby Lee Thigpen Whitehurst.

Vocals by Georgia Paris.

Music by ZiZi Martins.


Two Nations Children.

Lyrics by Ruby Lee Thigpen Whitehurst. 

Vocals by Yolanda Poetic-Flow Jackson.

Music by Wilfredo Rodriguez.


Lyrics by Ruby Lee Thigpen Whitehurst.

Vocals by TJ Way.

Music by TJ Way and Terry Silverlight.

Together We Stand

Lyrics by Ruby Lee Thigpen Whitehurst.


Vocals by Leshoin Kimbrough AKA Sean Dee & Zhooniya Ogitchida.

Beat by JC Kerby.

Studio, Engineer, Edits by Anthony Jackson.

Two Nations The Movie.

 Video created by Wilfredo R.

Together They Danced.

Lyrics, music, vocals by Ruby Lee Thigpen Whitehurst. The lyrics are based on an open vision that Ruby had when she was a small child.

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