Ruby Lee

Exuberant Ruby Lee


Ruby Lee Thigpen Whitehurst is

 a published author as well as  the CEO/Producer/Writer/Script Advisor/Executive Producer/Composer of Two Nations, which is based on her book "Loves' Soft Voice." She is an enrolled member of the Chickamauga (Tsi-ga-mo-gi) Nation. She is the author of numerous books that are filed with the Library of Congress such as the following:

Loves Soft Voice.

Pine Needles.

Pine Tree Legends.

Chilling Adventures at Camp Flowing Water.

Together They Danced.

I Can.

The Beauty of ABCs.

Alana Achievers Are Believers.

Two Nations (screenplay).

Ruby is the writer and author of 45 songs that are copyright and filed with the Library of Congress and ASCAP. And many of them, She copyright and filed each song /poem between 2002 and 2010. They are as follows:

360 Degrees

All That He Had


Ancient Voices



Being A Rancher's Woman.

Best Friend.

Black Eagle Soars



Family Tree


Free Spirit.

Free Union

Grandfather Sun

Grandmother Moon.

I Can


Medicine Dreams

My Prayer

Nature's Prize

Our Greatest Teachers

Piney Woods Roots

Piney Woods Tree

Rainbow Spirit Dancer

Respect Mother Earth.

River Medicine.

Sacred Place.

Sister Turtle.

Spirit Beings.

Spirit of Sister Eagle.

Strings Attached.

The Journey.

Together They Danced.

Together We Stand.

Unity Plea.

When The Angels Come.

When will Humanity Understand?

Within Myself.



Loves' Soft Voice.


Two Nations Introduction. 

Ruby founded a non-profit organization that she named Descendants of Indigenous People (DIP), which she chartered in 1994. On behalf of this organization, she raised money to help fund a local soup kitchen, created activities for community children such as taking them on trips to state parks, museums, nature reserves and hosting cookouts using her own money. Ruby also gave small scholarships to local high school seniors to help with school supplies.

In 1997, Ruby graduated from Martin Community College with an AAS Degree in Business Administration and full honors. She is a member of Phi Theta Kappa and Alpha Beta Gamma. She served as a Marshall two years in a row at Martin Community College.

In November 2000, Ruby incorporated and chartered the Mattamuskeet Indian Coalition to help the people of her community become aware of their Native American heritage.

In 2005, Ruby organized and hosted an outdoor concert to raise awareness regarding domestic violence wherein she invited Mr. Milton Bullock to MC the event. Mr. Bullock is one of the original members of the singing group called The Platters.

In 2010, Ruby decided to write a screenplay titled Two Nations that is based on her book Loves Soft Voice. She filed the script with the Writers Guild of America and the Library of Congress.

In 2014, Ruby joined the American Society of Composers, Authors & Producers (ASCAP) because she wrote a book of poems called Songs for Two Nations. She then asked numerous recording artist to add vocals and music to her poems to make the Two Nations soundtrack for the film.

In 2014, Ruby also attended a Film School workshop with Dov S-S Simens to learn about filmmaking.

In 2015, Ruby incorporated U5 Films LLC as a screenplay writing company because she plans to turn more of her books into feature films.

In 2016, Ruby became a member of NIAA (Northeast Indigenous Arts Alliance).

NIAA offers many amazing grant, fellowship, and networking opportunities for Native American Artist.

Ruby is a kind, humble, modest, down-to-earth person. She loves diversity and meeting new people. Additionally, she loves history, travel, writing, reading especially ghost stories, animals, the great outdoors, collecting antiques and vintage items, collecting artifacts and crafts, fishing, and working towards making all her dreams come true.

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